There are times where you will need to verify if an email address actually exists and is valid.
You can always send a message to the email and wait to see if they respond or if there is an automatic response showing an error that indicates that the server could not receive your mail.
In case you do not receive this error message you still could not be sure that the address is valid, nor will you know if your message has been read.

This tool will be useful for the following purpose:

User Mailbox Exist?

Check if the mail exchanger reponsible for the email address domain can accept messages sent to the email address under test.

Correct Email Format?

Check if the address is syntactically valid.

Valid Domain?

Check if the domain of the email address has valid DNS records.

More information about the email verification tool:

Many people who need an email checker come to to validate an email (email id) or other address. While having an email checker is one of our primary goals, this can be a big challenge because of the many factors that come into play in creating a high quality email checker.

We originally launched our email verification tool a few years ago to help businesses like yours, making it easier for them to validate emails. Since then, our service has become very popular and is now used by thousands of people daily to check emails.

Email authentication is not an easy task, with so many variables on the servers and MX records, but we try to simplify it and make our free service as accurate as possible. | | Speed Internet | Gmail Tools